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Mobile App Development UK

Our talented mobile software development experts based in the UK can help businesses attract new customers with user-friendly, engaging, efficient and beautiful software. Recent statistics indicate that UK consumers prefer mobile phones and smartphones to desktops to browse the internet, with smartphone app usage constantly increasing - the number of downloads have increased by 4 millions within one single year, which means it is high time your business embraced mobile.
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Does My Business Really Need a Mobile App?

Our UK experts audit businesses and suggest digital solutions that fit your purposes the best. Unlike many app developers in the UK who only aim at earning as much money as possible, we always look for a solution that will work best for you needs, goals and budget, whether it is a website, web software or native mobile software. That is the reason why we carefully interview you to know all the details about your business and make a decision that will ensure a long-term success for you.

Benefits of Native Apps

If you have doubts whether you should invest a large sum of money into native mobile software ( in other words, an app that is installed on a smartphone and can be accessed from an icon on the home screen) when you can pay much less for a mobile website or web software that do not need any downloads and installation, here are some advantages of native software over web solutions:

  • Technical capabilities - native applications can take advantage of the device’s hardware like camera, compass, accelerometer, speakers and so on.
  • No limits - native apps can be used without internet connection and are not limited to a specific browser.
  • Great user experiences - smartphone software is faster and more reliable than browser-based software or desktop software.
  • More time spent - statistics indicates that smartphone owners stay online four times longer when they use mobile internet.
  • Broader audience - having a mobile app means that your business is visible in the largest marketplaces like App Store and Google Play, making the client’s brand exposed to the largest pool of iOS and Android device owners.
Disadvantages of Native Software

However, there are a couple of disadvantages native software have compared to web-based solutions, for example, the need to download and install the app before you can run it and more complicated architecture that need continuous support and maintenance, the details of which we will explain to you and offer our professional post-launch services. On the other hand, there are situations when a native mobile app has the same advantages for your business as web software - in this case you can for an option of developing hybrid software that uses an HTML code but looks like a mobile app, combining the functionality of web and mobile.

Smartphone Usage

Mobile application enables your business to be accessible to customers wherever they are and whenever they want to, putting you ahead of competitors. In a busy world of today consumption of information happens on the go. Whether you want to create native software to connect to your customers, boost sales or reach out to a whole new audience, the latest research shows that modern-day consumers crave for the following digital solutions:

  • Almost a half of all smartphone owners in the UK use mobile software when they look for a product or a service they want to buy
  • 60% of consumers said that they would subscribe to a loyalty program if it was carried out via a mobile app
  • Around 80% of smartphone owners use software to contact retailers
  • 65% of consumers are willing to install an app offered by a brand if it gives access to useful information

Mobile Design Experts UK

Without a doubt, a thoroughly planned mobile strategy can bring many benefits to customer relationship management, but it is important to keep in mind that about 75% of users expect a smartphone application to be much more usable than a mobile-friendly site, so it is essential to polish every element - and that is exactly what we are masterful at. While you are busy with working out the concept of your application, UK experts will endeavour to design an exceptional user experience. Besides great looks, first-class mobile software should possess the following characteristics:
  • Simplicity - people do not like complicated programs, especially when it comes to software that runs on small displays of pocket devices.
  • Engagement - this is very much related to the previous paragraph: if an app provides the user with a super friendly experience and makes it easy for the consumer to do what they want to do, then it has all the chances to become favourite software that will be used regularly.
  • Speed - in a modern era of fast internet and advanced technologies, it is a must for an app to load within seconds - is you cannot provide this, the users will move to faster software of competitors.
We will create native mobile software supported by a cloud or local database and integrate it with the most advanced online payment platforms to make sure that your customer can make one-click purchases in an instant.

Technologies Used by Software Development Companies in UK

At software development company in UK, we work hard to maximise the ROI and value that the software brings to your business. We always strive to polish our products to perfection, putting hearts and skills into every app for iOS, Android and other platforms. Our mobile design experts UK use the latest technologies and most advanced programming languages such as .NET, Objective-C, C#, JavaScript and many more. We have a vast experience integrating elaborate hardware with complex software systems, for example, building solutions for lighting management, cargo ship maintenance and other niche software that requires a deep understanding of various industries. And now you can take advantage of our brilliant expertise.
Permanent Customers
Business Cases

Development Process UK

Whether a business needs a basic brochure website, a complicated enterprise system or customer-oriented software, we can tackle a project of any scale. Besides developing a quality software product, we will contribute many valuable ideas on business development because we care for clients. After we have discussed all the requirements and settled upon the functionality of your future software, our expert designers UK create an app prototype or you to feel the experience that actual users will have and make further improvements or changes to the app before it is coded. This gives you a clear view of the project and enable you to see what works and what does not work, ensuring that the end product perfectly meets your expectations.

Post-Launch Activities

Once we have supplied you with first-class software, we do the following:
  • Transfer the Intellectual Property rights for the product to your company
  • Provide the employees with a training on the software, either at your premises or at our headquarters. However, you can be sure that the apps we create are so easy-to-use that you most likely will not require any training.
  • Ensure continuous support and maintenance of the software, providing access to our support specialists 24/7 via phone or live chat (the service is optional).
  • Offer hosting services that is based on a highly secure, safe and stable technologies - this service is very convenient for those UK companies that do not want to deal with special bulky server hardware that has to be installed on your premises.

Other Services We Offer in the UK

  • Integration of hardware and software
  • Bespoke database creation
  • Custom client relationship management software
  • White-label app design
  • Tailor-made portal software
  • Smart device development (IoT)
  • Data migration service
  • Operating systems
  • Optimisation of existing software
  • Digital consulting
  • Ongoing software project development
  • Bespoke enterprise software outsourcing
  • Source code audit and recovery
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Hosting
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) development for startups

Why Bespoke Software Is Essential

As a company expands, bespoke software is what helps you keep up with business processes and the growing number of customers. If the software does not evolve along with your business, its workflow loses force and you disconnect from your audience, decreasing in efficiency and lagging behind competitors. We design quality software that automates business processes and integrates data into a single scalable solution. Moreover, we do much more than simply code the programs - we offer a full spectrum of digital business development services that enable you to get the most out of custom apps.