3 Health & Fitness Apps Every Android User Should Have

Keeping healthy is an important part of your life. Eating right, daily exercise and a physical balance keeps a human being active and happy. It is difficult in the initial stages to control your food habits. Now who can resist a bucket of chicken wings or a burger on the go?
With the development of several health and fitness apps over the years, people are tending to rely on their smartphones to keep fit. It is a tremendously effective measure considering you have it at close proximity at all times. Here is a list of 3 apps every individual should have to stay healthy.

#1: Google Fit

This is probably one of the best fitness app in the market considering its charismatic and unique UI. This app will analyse your present body condition through aspects like BMI and create a diet and exercise routine for you. The greatest advantage of this app is its ability to be synchronised with other devices like Fitness bands and tags that will count your calorie burn and food intake per day. Based on all data, this app will create stats for you. So if you’re planning to get ripped this summer, you should definitely get Google Fit.

#2: Fooducate

This is another unique app that concentrates on the diet you should stick to if you are planning to lose those extra flabs. It provides concise data on which food item contains what calories. Not just that, Fooducate will help you devise a strict diet regime with basic necessary calorie count to help you on a daily basis. With over 250,000 items in their Food database, this app has a diet for every individual depending on what they need. So if you want to keep track of your diet and exercise, this app is for you.

#3: 7 Minute Workout

Getting in shape is really difficult if you are starting out as a rookie. Spending 2-3 hours in the gym would be an impossible feat. The 7 Minute Workout app will help you get into the regime slowly. As the title suggests, it is a 7 minute exercise routine you should abide by every day. It has 12 exercises with 30 seconds per exercise and 10 seconds break in between. The simplicity and urgency of this app will keep you motivated and ready.
Having these 3 apps in your android device will get you those killer abs or that much sophisticated bone structure in no time.