About Gallery Hewharf

With over seven years of expertise and leadership in information technologies, Gallery Hewhart has proved to be a reliable partner for the digital evolution in your business. Whether you are looking for experienced developers or looking for better user experience, you can rely on us, because this what we are good at. We present a leading software company who bring to life the most innovative and creative ideas making desired results possible. Based in the UK, we provide our services across the Europe and have business bonds with American and Australian businesses. We treat clients’ business needs as if they were our own and passionate about delivering excellent solutions that drive results, solve problems, and enrich the user experience.


Our people are our greatest assets who has already transformed the way hundreds of global organisations do their business by developing and delivering the most innovative technologies and processes in bespoke software development, Big Data and experience design. Our team represents the mix of the brightest and the most creative minds, technical professionals, and analytical thinkers who work collaboratively with you so that we can get the real point of your needs and create the experience that resolves the challenges.


The digital ages bring changes in our everyday life and work creating a completely new experience. The value of information is as high as it never was before and access to the real-time data can define the winner while its lack can cause enormous struggles. Bespoke software helps businesses to remain successful and competitive, and our team creates business-driven end-to-end solutions assisting businesses in solving a breadth of problems and system challenges and meeting user requirements and expectations.