Agile Software Development: Methods and Main Principles from Expert Team

Agile is a software development approach designed to enhance traditional processes. Such methods are very flexible because they allow developers to respond rapidly to changing needs through collaboration, and iterative development cycles. The agile development process is an alternative method, implemented usually against classical waterfall methods. If you are new to Internet technology or would like to learn more about different development methods, this article will give you the opportunity to become familiar with two key approaches to designing software.

The Role of Scrum

Scrum is the most popular structure for agile, simple and flexible project management. Recently, the efficiency of agile methods has been very, almost all development companies have begun to promote the use of Scrum. It can facilitate feedback in a short period of time, self-organized development teams and fully operational product delivery. When choosing a developer, you should be aware of these details, because developers who practice traditional methods often need to spend a lot of time and effort to switch to real Scrum.

Functions and meetings

Scrum has three specific roles: product owner, Scrum Master, and Team. You can understand the roles and responsibilities of Scrum training, a popular way to learn agile development methods. Often, these roles share the responsibilities of the project manager in the classic approach. Team members discussed the project and its results at regular meetings: product backlog (or modification), Sprint plan, daily standing meeting, Sprint review and Sprint Review meeting.

Scrum Training

Many different organizations offer Scrum training courses, courses and tutorials, but unfortunately, not all of these organizations can have high quality and accuracy. To determine if the source of information for Scrum is reliable, you should verify that you have an official Scrum certification. The Scrum Alliance is the first agency to begin offering training and global Scrum certification.

Scrum Nuts and Bolts

Many companies claim to turn they standards into agile. However, large and medium organizations often do not want to change the program fundamentally. These companies can use the so-called Agile Framework Scaling (SAFe) for a quick and painless transition. Large Scrum (LeSS) is another more difficult and principled way for large developers to use multiple teams.

Scale method

Scale Agile groups are organized based on the classic Scrum team. Multiple team efforts and achievements combine to provide more valuable for software versions. The programm solutions in this case is based on business objectives and financial capabilities.

Scaling the principle of agility

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  • Economic view
  • To think systematically
  • Provide variability, leaving room for options
  • In a brief comprehensive cycle of learning for iterative development
  • The achievement is measured by the evaluation of the work system
  • View and limit work in progress, minimize batch size and queue length
  • Use pacing and cross-domain planning
  • Maintain the power of developers and designers
  • Decentralization Decision

Agile approach

This programming approach allows the developer to adjust the direction of the project during the development process and make changes to the software in the final phase. This can be done through periodic iterations or sprints - while working, the team provides the full functionality of the product or increments of potentially deliverables. The development of agile software is often described as incremental or iterative, since each shorter work cycle results in incremental.


On the contrary, in the production of the waterfall, the team can only provide a scalable end product, so there is no room for errors, there is no chance to introduce any changes. In the agile software methodology, all aspects - specifications, functions and design are reviewed throughout the agile software development life cycle. When you regularly re-evaluate the item, you can easily find the method of optimization and align it with the latest trends.

The shortest time within the high quality products

Agile methods, because of their inspection and adjustment methods, allow products to be marketed quickly and minimize development costs. You can forget to paralyze the problem because these problems can not occur in any way in the agile approach to software development, and those requirements are collected with the creation process. Since the execution cycle is usually about two weeks, the customer can change their requirements in variable circumstances.

Agile offers the following benefits:

  • High quality products. In general, the such way of development of the system is a continuous review and revision. Due to team co-operation and short work cycle, more likely to detect and correct timely any errors or defects.
  • Skills and knowledge sharing. When specialists work closely together, they have the ability to communicate and interact with each other, to share their learners, share experiences, improve efficiency, and improve productivity.
  • The document is no longer required. Reducing demand for documentation, improving product quality and sharing knowledge.
  • More practical work is done. Statistics show that when developers work in agile or peer groups, they are scheduled 5 or 6 hours after the exhaustion because they have made the real effort.

Why use agile?

Agile development allows the programmers to design the most efficient solution in the shortest possible time. Agile methods ensure that your end product will stand out from the competition because of repeated software revisions and continuous optimization. Developers who use such development approach will strive to polish the software after each iteration, resulting in a perfect result of value added recognition and value added.

loyal clients

Agile Manifesto

Manifesto says:

  • Personal and interactive processes and tools
  • Comprehensive Documentation Software
  • Negotiation of customer cooperation contracts
  • Respond to the change plan

Agile principle

There are twelve basic principles for software development of the agile method to lay the groundwork:

  • The primary goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing fast and continuous software.
  • Software requirements may even change during development time. This advanced software development approach makes use of changes so that customers stand out from their competitors.
  • Functional software is provided regularly in weeks or months, with the goal of building the product as quickly as possible.
  • The client and the development team are working closely with the development process.
  • The design is created around motivated people.
  • The development process must be sustainable. The client, developer, and user should always maintain the same speed.
  • Developers should strive to achieve a perfect and attractive design.
  • The simpler the better.
  • The self-organizing team produces the best architecture, requirements and design.
  • Over a period of time, the team will analyze how to be most effective and bring the solution to life.

How differs Agile from others?

True agile groups choose and implement the best management and development practices. Using this method can be a difficult process, during which you can hear a lot about why this problem never will be solved. However, if the transition is successful, you will have the very valuable and motivated team. For those looking for what they want to fail, they will eventually return to the traditional approach, or practice the so-called false agility.

Never stop improving

We think that a good developer never uses a single method, constantly exploring new horizons and finding the best way for each project. There is no final development method, which is why you need to determine the way you use each time you start a new project. This is the driving force of agile development. This is a philosophy based on continuous improvement. On the other hand, if you have a clear vision of the future application, your function and requirements, and do not want to stray from your plan - the waterfall is exactly what you need. So if you want to work with an ambitious, creative and talented developer who never fails to learn and improve, and always strives for excellence, please contact us - our designers will be happy to hear from you.

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