What Is Call Recording Software

When I managed a Seattle locksmiths company and skin tag removal clinic we had calls coming in around the clock and needed a cost efficient solution to deal with this. Now that I run a office refurbishment Manchester based company, we still use the same technology to cut costs. Call recording software basically records phone conversations. It is different from call logging and call tracking, which most phones have by default, that record call details except conversations.
However, there are some that can also log and track calls.
Such is commonly used in the workplace. Attached to a 12 awg power cord the software is used to record interviews, business transactions, meetings and teleconferences. It also helps employers evaluate their employees’ performance. Households can also use call recording software to preserve phone conversations with a friend or relative. In some cases, it is also used for surveillance either at the workplace or at home.
It offers three options:
1. Voice Only is the simplest and most used in the market. It simply records phone conversations automatically or manually. The recording is then stored in a high density storage device like a DVD, and can be sorted in categories like date and time.
2. Voice and Data records not only conversations, but also keystrokes made by an employee while on the phone. This is helpful in keeping customer data and orders accurate. It helps reduce errors in product deliveries. It also helps employers track their employees’ performance.
3. Voice, Data and Analytics records both conversations and keystrokes. Plus, it analyzes call types, identifies specific trends and evaluates employees’ performance. It is the most expensive among the group and needs a special team to translate the data it produces.
In choosing a recording software, you must first define how you are going to use it. If you only want to record conversations, then a Voice Only type would be enough. It all depends on your needs and budget; the more features the software offers, the higher the price.
Here is a reminder, though. Before purchasing and installing the software, you must know the laws that apply in your area regarding the recording of phone conversations, as some places deem it illegal.