Create a Great App for Mobile Commerce

The main asset of any mobile commerce business is usually a highly optimized and well-designed online store. If you still doubt whether you need to create a mobile app that will copy your existing site, our team is here to prove that you definitely need to do this and help your advance your business.

Create a Loyal User Base for the Mobile Commerce

One of the main advantages of the application is the ability to create brand loyalty. According to data provided by Adobe, 67% of Internet shoppers who use portable devices to buy prefer the apps. Therefore, the mobile solution makes the communication between the store and the customer more lasting.

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Faster Content Download

The owner of the m-commerce should understand that the slow download site can collapse the commerce. Customers often hate late sites and often target other market participants due to lack of user experience. According to Kissmetrics, if it takes more than 3 seconds to download the website, 40% of visitors will immediately go to another site. As such, the online store must be fast enough to form a solid core of loyal customers. This application has a great advantage over websites. Such a program effectively uses the overall performance of the device because it does not need to connect to the Internet to provide users with basic functions such as product comparison and price confirmation. Next, the site must be connected to the Internet at all times to update some of the content.

The Best User Interface

As you do not need to access the Internet all the time for the operation of the application, usability is improved. This allows apps to download heavier animations and higher resolution images more quickly, making the design of the m-commerce application elegant, modern and bright.

The architecture of the application allows developers to create exclusive and useful functions with intuitive navigation. Another advantage offered by the Android and iOS online store is the ability to implement games. As game interactivity and user interaction improve, it is a trend of application development.

Improvement of the Interactivity

The mobile program encourages smartphone users to share links to their favorite sites and share opinions about specific products and services with friends who use social networks. This marketing channel is one of the most effective and cheap ways to promote products. Loyal customers who have their application will be a live platform to promote online stores on social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. People admire the exclusives. Make a special offer for those who installed your product. We have several links on your site.

Mobile Commerce Market Is Growing

The rapidly growing mobile commerce market helps business owners strengthen their relationships with customers. It is much easier to sell in your chair and buy items in a store in another country. Internet purchases fundamentally changed the way people buy. It was not a good time to develop an online store.

People Often began to use Apps on their Smartphones

Flurry Analytics claims that users spend 90% of the time interacting with their mobile device in apps. Experts believe that now is the "age of mobile apps". Statistics also show that 79% of smartphone users have one or more online store apps, and 10% have about 6.

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Create an Advanced Marketing Strategy

The expanded functionality of mobile apps allows online shopping to better control user interaction compared to websites and to receive more detailed analytics. These benefits help commercial organisations and their owners personalize content more accurately and, as a result, implement better recommendations systems to increase conversion.

Use the Built-in Smartphone Functions


Modern mobile programs provide various options for user interaction. The website can not provide customers the opportunity to use the built-in camera to show their friends their new things without leaving the site. With the help of the app, this becomes a simple action for a few seconds. Another way to increase user engagement is to implement a voice recognition function that will allow users to navigate the menu or subscribe to the newsletter. Also, for example, your program can show the location of the nearest offline store using GPS.

Increase Conversion with Push Notifications


Most popular mobile commerce apps regularly send push notifications to smartphone owners. Compared to traditional SMS, push notifications are a cheaper advertising channel. They exclude the need for databases containing phone numbers of users. Moreover, push notifications are more effective than emails, since they are always available to users, if they have not disabled notifications on their device. In addition, there is no spam folder for push notifications, and they are difficult to ignore.

7 Important Trends in M-Commerce for Retailers

Today, the owners of online (and offline) businesses are showing great interest in understanding and exploring the potential of m-commerce, often referred to as m-commerce. Such an excitement is explained by the fact that m-commerce, according to experts' forecasts, will grow to the scale of a 250-billion market by 2020. It is estimated that approximately 4.77 billion people by the end of this year will use smartphones that allow them to make mobile purchases. If you own an online store or just plan to sell online, it's time to get acquainted with the latest trends in mobile commerce and prepare for a serious jerk.

Internet commerce sites and retailers not only make their choice in favor of adaptively designed "windows" of mobile devices, they are trying to create solutions that will meet the requirements of various screens and operating systems. The field of e- commerce went beyond providing good and convenient transactions, today it is about providing exceptional experience for users. Now it turns out that the development of a mobile commerce platform is a key solution for providing an integrated experience, and not just support for a working website. So, what are the trends in the m-commerce of 2018? Let's try to consider:

  • 1. Smart Coupons

    Thanks to GPS technology, we know what is the location of a mobile device. However, along with advances in the field of augmented reality and wearable technologies, we will see a completely different level of interactive interaction. Information about the brand can be seen simply by pointing the phone. All coupons, special offers, discounts, promotions and, of course, the menu and prices will be visible when you just point the phone at a commerce store or cafe.

  • 2. Versatile Functions for Buyers

    Today it became possible not to spend a minute of your time on idle in the queue. Retailers provide customers with many different purchasing functions. Some offer an online home delivery purchase, some on-the-go (similar to McDrive in McDonald's, an order is made through the app, and you can pick it up in a special window without leaving the car), some simply warn the client about a successful visit time so that you can avoid large queues. Retail giants like Amazon offer "Fast Track" delivery - this is a fast and monitored delivery by a drone. And also the "Just Walk Out" service starts, which allows customers to scan their purchases with the help of a phone and pay on the go.

  • 3. One Touch Shopping

    This year, retailers begin to implement the purchase function with one touch and develop solutions for quick ordering. This technology will allow buyers to select the product and make a transaction in your favorite store with just one click. In essence, this gives the seller the ability to convert any media element (picture or video) into a sales directory. For example, in Instagram it will be possible to put tags on the goods in the published photos. As the Wired monthly explains, "when a user clicks on a thing with such a tag, he will get a more detailed description of, say, a new handbag or pair of sunglasses, and if he clicks the second time, he can buy the product through the retailer's website."

  • 4. Communication with the Store

    Sometimes, customers get confused or lost because of the huge number of options offered in the store; Problems arise with both products and accompanying services. Often, when there is such a problem that the buyer can not quickly solve on his own, he simply refuses to buy. Statistics say that the number of such "non-purchased baskets" for various reasons is 76.8 percent. Companies try to deal with this problem by inventing ways of convenient interaction of the client with the store. For example, the company JackThreads offers a system of "first try on, and then buy." It works like this: the buyer chooses the things he likes to sample the house for free, thinks for a week, then sends the things that do not come back (the transfer is free in both directions), and those who come, leaves and pays.

  • 5. Support for NFC Payments

    Through Near Field Communication (NFC), two devices, a phone and a payment terminal, can communicate with each other at a distance of about 10 centimeters, these are contactless payments. The buyer only needs to synchronize the payment card with the terminal with a simple touch on the mobile device. This method of payment is becoming more popular, the phone acts as a payment device. And, for example, Visa recently launched a pilot version of sunglasses, which are used to pay for purchases. A chip is built into the glass for contactless payments. This is a great example of how the NFC can make any object a "purse". Spending money will be even easier.

  • 6. Technology of Voice Control

    Alexa, Siri and Cortana Google - this is by far the best examples of speech control technology. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, says that one of the five queries made through the Google Search App is a request by voice. This proves the demand for speech control technology. Its use can significantly improve the search experience of a potential buyer. One of the perspectives of this direction is that these mobile digital assistants are learning. They collect information and later can make purchases (or separate procedures) instead of the user.

  • 7. Feedback Messages

    When online payments have just appeared, many buyers have been skeptical, and still, after filling out payment information, many are concerned about whether payment has passed. If the user receives a message that the transaction was successful, the client will be calm, knowing that his money has reached the destination. We found out that programs that send "Thank you" messages and notifications of various offers, helped owners optimize the funnel of their sales. This and other life hacks, collected by our development team other the years of work on the digital market, help our clients to increase the efficiency of their projects.


Our team will be happy to help you create an efficient and optimized mobile commerce platform with a modern design. Email us and start generating more sales with your new software!