Recent Projects


A fitness app for sports enthusiasts
Our task was to design a mobile application that will help users to start exercising and do it correctly. We developed an app that lets users set goals and day by day meet them with scheduled exercises and workouts watching video courses made by our customer and professional fitness trainer. Our team enabled simple and quick registration via social networks accounts and integrated social networking functionality letting users get in touch with their fitness trainer and friends.
Web development • iOS Development • UI/UX Design • Video Streaming • Social Networking


A website for searching and offering ride
We met a customer who wanted to design an intuitive and user-friendly website where users can easily find or give ride-sharing transportation costs and meeting new people. We integrated three user roles which include unauthorised users who can read reviews and other content of the site, authorised users who offer and accept ride sharing proposals, and administrators who manage the overall system. We made all the system information maintained in a database located on a web server.
Backend development • PostgreSQL Integration • Frontend development • Web design

My Assets

A client oriented finance web portal
Our customer approached us with the task to develop a web portal that will enable users to monitor their asset management process. We developed a system that provides constant access to the users’ cash flows and asset operations. The portal was designed specifically for corporate clients and can send financial statistics and analytics. At the same, time system also present an efficient tool for the customer’s employees letting manage dynamic data and perform complex calculations. We also integrated Win Service so that it could automatically mail clients reports and news.
Web development • MS SQL Server Integration • Windows Service Implementation • Web Design


Program that coordinates displays for leisure centres
Our customer wanted to install wall-mounted TV screens in the foyers of his network of the leisure centres enabling them to display details of fitness classes, activities, timetables and advertising information. This program was the first step in making leisure centres cashless and replace manned front desks. Our task was to make TV content engaging and sync with the website. The app also has customers program API which enables to eliminate the necessity to re-enter the same information.
Web development • SQL Server Integration • Frontend • Backend

Run Program

Web system and cross-platform mobile application for a health program provider
Once we worked with a health and wellness programs provider, who was looking for a software solution for a community with the main focus on physical activity such as walking, cycling, etc. The system’s aim was to improve data collection and general usability. We built a program that seamlessly runs and let users check distances walked, their points and place in the overall competition. The system consisted of two parts: a website where users can register and cross-platform mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows platforms that allows to track users’ activities.
Web development • Mobile development • SQL Server Integration • Xamarin • Backend • IoT • UI/UX Design


A photo storing and sharing mobile application
In collaboration with a startup entrepreneur, we worked on the idea to create a single place that will replace the photobook storing, viewing and reliving memorable pictures and organising them in a meaningful way on a single interface. The app also has social media functionality enabling users to share their moments with friends, family and public. Users can create separate albums dedicated to memorable events and invite other users to the particular album.
iOS Development • Android Development • UI/UX Design • Branding