Software Development Outsourcing or Internal Development: Pros and Cons

Our company specialises in the development of mobile and web apps and has already provided services for more than 8 years. Our experts, that have profound IT expertise, are here to share their experience in software development outsourcing practices.

What Is Outsourcing?

Many people misinterpret the term "outsourcing", which is confused with the term "offshore outsourcing". Let's clarify the true meaning of this concept. Outsourcing is a convention for companies to instruct other agencies to conduct business and provide services and products such as app development services. In short, if you are looking for suppliers to carry out your business, you are outsourcing specific services, not internal ones. In general, businesses prefer to subcontract several types of services when they help to save general and labor expenses. For software development, outsourcing is the most used option. By outsourcing software development, customer companies can focus on basic products or services while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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On Land

If you are a representative of a UK company and search for an app development company in the UK, you will outsource a provider on land. Outsourcing on land helps avoid challenges due to cultural aspects, different time zones, language differences. However, it is generally not as profitable as outsourcing abroad.


External subcontracting refers to exporting the status of achievement of the task to a company in another country, generally called outsourcing abroad. Normally, companies like to hire offshore app development contractors around the world with labor costs and tax savings. For example, in UK organisations, the outsourcing to Indian software programmers is often done quite frequently. Unfortunately, such experiences can lead to disappointing expectations, a waste of money and time due to the low quality of the software solution that is offered.

Internal Development

Unlike onshore outsourcing, in-house software development means performing tasks using your resources, including assets and employees, and performing tasks within the enterprise. Analyze the costs and associated risks and depend on the internal performance of the task. For example, if your company is a web service provider and you need an IT specialist every day to maintain and maintain your website, you can update it and integrate additional features so that the internal development team The possibility of being efficient becomes high . Depending on the size of your business and your main activities, you may need outsourced specialists or internal employees according to the needs of software specialists, app developers and web programmers.

Benefits of Internal Software Development

In addition to the department responsible for the main commercial activities, the company can maintain other internal departments if it is beneficial.

The maintenance of the internal service can make corporate performance more flexible.

There are also other functional advantages that help raise the level of management of commercial and operational results.

This option reduces the security risk because all corporate data never leaves the company.

Finally, internal employees always have a better understanding of how their business is working, so you can get a better understanding.

Disadvantages of Maintaining Internal Software Developers

Software development requires the collaboration of multiple experts in various fields of IT ranging from business analysis and verification of ideas to design, coding and quality control testing in both mobile apps and web systems. As long as technology advances the characteristics and design standards, these IT experts must respond when participating in various programming trainings, meetings and meetings. Otherwise, do not match the business needs or customers, 'Expectations. Some issues to consider before recruiting internal programmers are the following.

  • First of all, we should consider the development of internal software only when this service is needed regularly for long-term potential customers. Otherwise, it costs all expenses compared to outsourcing. The department of internal programming is costly considering indirect costs, salaries, benefits, regular training and the hiring of personnel in charge of this department in relation to the work area.
  • Second, when a quick marketing strategy is prioritized, this option is suitable for recruiting new staff, forming teams and requiring a lot of time to get used to the work and needs of the business.
  • Finally, the other side of total development control is the ability to evaluate the results and the quality of software products. And here are two options. Since you have enough qualifications in the IT field, you can verify the code and perform the quality control test. Alternatively, you can hire a high quality compensation specialist to guarantee quality.

Internal development will be a better option if you plan to create an independent address for your business based on information technology that requires continuous technical support. However, if it is necessary to give life to short-term projects that do not require daily maintenance, internal development is an unreasonable expense.

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Why Outsource Software Development?

The outsourcing of software development means that contractor has all the concerns about hiring personnel, training and quality control. The demand for software development is high, so there are reasons for a variety of agencies to provide first class services to outsource software development in the most cost-efficient, fastest and most reliable way, so that their work is successful.



Comparing the cost of outsourcing in the long term prospects with the cost of internal software development, the second alternative is to pay only for the work done without spending on capital investment, recruitment, training and other related costs. There are advantages External outsourcing It can even significantly reduce the project budget by reducing labor costs. However, if you prefer offshore outsourcing, make sure you are prepared to risk corrupting the quality of the code and carefully selecting the partner.

Short-term Commitment


Outsourcing is a perfect choice that invites project experts and does not incur the costs associated with long-term commitment if your business needs a person with a specific skill set for temporary work. In such a case, short-term commitment is an obvious advantage of outsourcing professional IT experts if a person needs a specialist for a job and a person with different skills is required to carry out different tasks. I will do it.

Focus on the Main Corporate Activities

When outsourcing the app development service, it is not necessary to jump into a new project that forgets the main activities of the company. Simply talk to the professional project manager of the outsourced company and explain their needs and requirements. After all the specifications of the app are determined and the document is signed, you will only get the result. You do not have to worry about the development process, but estimate the results and provide feedback to the work program. All other concerns of the outsourced company will cost to reduce their workload.

Reduce Time to Market

When you outsource a software company, you hire a team of experts that covers all aspects of the app development process. Those who have experience in collaborative work and who can gain mutual understanding will shorten the program's time to market faster. Outsourcing does not take time to hire and train every member of the team that is required to create qualitative apps. Software companies hire companies that bring together experts in all directions of software development, obtain business analysts, designers, programmers and evaluators.

With globalization and technological progress, many companies around the world can use software design outsourcing, optimize efficiency, reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage when acquiring high quality apps. I was able to do it This practice has proven to be a prudent solution to address the rapidly changing world of technology and focus on its core competence.

What to Remember about Outsourcing Software Development

  • Control and Security

    Outsourcing means getting involved in the commercial activities of third parties. The performance of external partners is generally described in contracts that specify tasks, requirements, budgets and deadlines. In many cases, such participation can be dangerous, since there is no direct management of the subcontracted company. The specifications described in the contract, including the security of the company's data, should be clear. By hiring project managers and teams that stay in touch with you, the development process is greatly accelerated and the control of the situation is strengthened.

  • Quality Guarantee

    Quality control is one of the biggest challenges faced by client companies that outsource development services. Because there is no programming experience, it is impossible to judge the quality of the code. You risk buying pigs with pigs. In order to avoid wasting money and effort, you can hire local experts as a consultant to deal with coding standards. Also, when looking for a software service provider, you should know if there is a quality control department to monitor the quality of the software solution.

  • Cultural Disparity

    Even with my brothers, it is difficult to deepen mutual understanding regarding software development. External outsourcing can cause cultural problems related to groups of minds, attitudes towards time and simple misunderstandings. In addition, there are different time zones that make the communication process more complicated. Of course, modern means of communication and transportation make this problem easier. In addition, even the subcontracting on land of the same country, I do not even face this challenge.


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