Web Development Company Advices on a Business Website Creation

We are a team of experienced web developers with more than nine years of experience and hundreds of successful projects under the belt. We know how to create a robust digital presence with surprisingly intuitive user experience and visually rich and creative design to help companies outperform their competitors. Our team understands this industry and our web development company members can share their experience and life hacks.

Website vs Web App

Coding skills and knowledge of programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, CSS 3, HTML 5, PHP, etc. They are necessary for the development of the website and the creation of web apps. The difference between these two concepts lies in their function, purpose, perspective of the visitor. From time to time, getting closer and closer to a client of a website development company does not know the type of software product they need. IT consultants can help you decide the best software solution that meets your needs. But it helps you discover the difference between these two options.

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Website Development

The website is based on beneficial and promotional functions, defined by static content, multiple linked web pages, and presents the same information to all users. A complete example of a website is a news site, a brochure site, a blog. Internet pages refer to front-end programming, but you can have a sophisticated program backend that allows you to change content quickly.

Creation of Web-based Apps

Web-based apps visually remind us of regular web pages, but they are dynamic enough to respond to user feedback. Its main objective is to perform the tasks that the user needs. The individual data is provided according to the specifications of each user to execute the task specified by the user. Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Collaborative Calendars are typical and well-known examples of applications. In the background coding using the server-side script, the web app can efficiently and quickly manage and store a large amount of data and execute them with the implemented action.

In summary, websites are directed to useful functions that show the same data to visitors, and web apps are programs that perform tasks and interact with users. Even so, they are not mutually exclusive. In addition, there is an integrated web app that provides site visitors with useful information and functions to perform tasks on useful web pages. With this integration, users can stay on the site for a long time and return to the user whenever they need functionality.

Why do you Hire a Professional Website Development Company?

Creating a site is not a big problem and you may think that a second programmer can design a website. So, why look for the entire development agency? Or, with more modern technology, people can create sites without coding skills simply by using the DIY generator. But in both cases, we do not expect sites to improve their business. Maybe you get a promotion site that does not work well if it is a DIY manufacturer and a user experience is a mistake in the case of an independent professional without experience. Such a site is fine only while taking the first step of the business, but it is very dangerous because it gives a bad impression that it can not provide an intuitive user experience without errors. As you grow, think of that redesign or develop a completely new website. This is only an additional cost. The first impression of your site is important to capture and retain your potential customers. There are enough seconds for visitors to decide if they remain on the page. In addition, if the site has not yet been downloaded or can not be completely unlocked while the visitor offers an opportunity, there is a risk of losing the customer and finding another service provider in a more agile and attractive site. When a visitor bounces, the search engine displayed in the browser search results is dramatically affected, which moves the site away from the top of the list. In addition to domain names and hosting, the design of the website requires specialized knowledge and tools, as well as a team of experts in the design, development, analysis and other components of the web development process. And, only the best web design company can guarantee both a website rich in conspicuous and creative features that not only keeps customers hosted on the site, but also returns in the future.

What is a Good Website Design Company?

Since companies discovered the power of online presence, the demand for website development companies has increased significantly and thousands of web design agencies have emerged. And finding a good software interface design company suitable for the needs of your business is a problem.

Developers Should Listen to your Goals and Ideas

A professional development company will carefully analyze and investigate your brand, market and competitors, and establish a well-planned digital strategy. They should think about their needs, propose creative ideas to satisfy them and use the experience to add a significant impact to web development ideas.

The Portfolio is the Boundary Boom of the Company

The company's portfolio shows the ability of developers and web designers to inform you what you can consider. Occasionally you may be restricted due to a signed NDA, but if you speak with a company representative, they can show you what you can talk about skills and experience in web development. If you asked them to experience a live version of the software solution they have, pay attention to the company's site and if the designer of the interviewed company can provide not only an incredible design but also a smooth and easy-to-use navigation.

High Quality Web Agency will Support CMS

A website development company that claims to be a powerful web designer should be able to provide a customized content management system tailored to the needs and requirements of the client. Existing CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and others are obvious, but when you work nearby, vulnerability, incompatibility of sites and systems, system code selected. Of course, if you want to work on one of them, it's up to you and the developers should activate it. But if you want to find a way to edit content safely and reliably, developers should be able to offer you an alternative. A good developer never leaves you on your website.

Ownership Issues

When starting the collaboration with web development, it is necessary to protect the intellectual property rights that provide ownership of the code as soon as the product is published.

part of a working agreement between you and the developer, should cover the intellectual property rights of the assets it creates for you.
Experience Companies will Provide More

Those who work for more than 5 years in this business have experience based on previous development projects and qualified experience. The longevity of the company not only improves the knowledge of the employees, but also shows great customer satisfaction. Otherwise, it's not that long. In other words, I met a skilled and talented web developer who worked at several companies that obtained valuable information about various industries.

loyal clients

Design Principles

In addition to reflecting not only your company but also your brand, your website must have a design that reflects your corporate culture and value. The corporate site is the digital side of your company to meet potential customers. That's why the design should make a positive first impression. Here are three web development tips that will help you attract users and get attention.

  • Avoid Designs with Less Fashion

    It is a good idea to recognize the latest design trends, implement it in your web software, present it as the latest company with a view to the future, but you should not incorporate all the trends in your company's site. It contains numerous visual elements. Moderate is the key to the success of web development. In addition, the sophisticated simple and clean design sometimes looks more noble and elegant. Do not make mistakes with modern design. The trend not only goes out of fashion very early, but also becomes outdated in February of next year, as it will come when it arrives. Our IT company specialists constantly investigate IT trends from UI design and software development to augmented reality and new software system demands.

  • Straighten Order of Priority

    The visual elements of the site and its contents must be merged in the most efficient way so that the design emphasizes the content and reveals the message. Web development is the most frequent in the form of information and content delivery, as well as the expression of the brand through visual components. We have to pay attention to the contents and make it more important with the help of the design. If visitors can not leave what they need on their site as lost, even large designs do not want to approach competitors.

  • Make it Responsive

    Users search for mobile devices more often due to Internet consumption needs. Therefore, the use of tablets increased three times since the end of 2015 and the consumption of smartphones increased by 78% in two years. In the HTML-pages development, it is necessary to incorporate adaptive designs that are highly receptive to the platform, and well represented on the mobile devices. The responsive design adapts to various screen sizes and provides a perfect user experience for both desktop and mobile devices.


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