Let’s Make Your Website Design a Powerful Marketing Tool

A website is not just a beautiful picture, it is a marketing tool that has proved its effectiveness and a flexible means of communication with your customers. A properly designed interface allows visitors to concentrate on solving problems, rather than on its work. If expect your site to become such a tool? So you came to the right place.

Our Services

  • Web site development. The complex of works from design to programming, carried out in stages. We will not proceed to the next step until we polish the current one.
  • Interface design. Creation of an individual concept, from basic solutions to complex dynamic elements.
  • Design. Developing a custom script and website structure so that the interface is convenient and logical.
  • Branding. Development of a logo and corporate identity in order to emphasize the individuality and create a recognizable "face" of the company.
  • Integration. Implementing a system for managing multiple websites on different CMS at once, in one administrative panel.

Web Design Trends: The Hottest Summer Design Trends

Creating a regular website is not such an easy task as creating an effective online marketing tool with a modern design. For a beautiful and well-optimized website, it takes a lot of time, investment and even inspiration. How to design a website to attract more customers? Find tips below.

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Orientation of Web Design Primarily on Mobile Devices

The so-called mobile-first approach to the development of websites has existed for more than 5 years. Although this is not a new trend, it is definitely worth noting, as it became mandatory for any business owner if it seeks to increase sales using this marketing channel.

What does the mobile-first approach mean? This is a web development, which focuses on adaptation for mobile devices. The use of adaptive design is fully justified, especially if you take into account the official statistics published by StatCounter, an independent web analytics agency. According to him, the share of Internet using mobile devices is 51.3%. It is for this reason that Google has stopped supporting its Instant Search service. This feature was available to desktop users and offered search results during the time a person just entered their request. With the growth of traffic, business owners will be able to get more sales. Therefore, to focus on a wider audience - it makes perfect sense.

Hidden Navigation

Many of us have heard in order to increase the proportion of the performance of the targeted action by the user, it is required to minimize the number of clicks needed. The fewer clicks, the higher the conversion. Despite this fact, modern web design often implies the presence of a hidden pop-up menu that appears after clicking on the so-called "hamburger". This solution is based on an adaptive design approach, when it is necessary to place the menu in such a way that it looks correctly on mobile devices.

Traditional navigation on the website, containing elements located at the top of the page, takes up too much space and limits the ability to attract the user's attention to content. The creation of hidden navigation contains another advantage, which allows you to create a more attractive and effective home page.

Spacious First Screen

A pop-up menu creates additional space on the first screen of the main page. This allows you to highlight the main advantages of the company, using a larger font, more attractive and readable icons, to effectively attract the attention of users. The "the more information, the better" is already in the past. It is important that the user goes through a smooth path, the destination of which is the successfully executed target action. More free space allows designers to realize their best ideas for the main page of the website, which will make this marketing channel unique and more attractive to users. The best website design options contain the first screen with a full-width background image with a few soft colors. Navigation areas should be easily recognizable and readable to users.

Dedicated Navigation Areas

A hidden menu and a spacious first screen allow you to create a website design in such a way that it focuses users' attention on several basic navigation elements that will help them make a decision faster and easier. This approach encourages users to navigate the menu, taking the necessary steps, while not wasting time searching for the desired button. Thanks to the spacious first screen, you can emphasize the basic elements, using larger fonts and leaving more space between them, thus highlighting the most useful content.

Website Design in the Style of Material Design Lite

Material Design has become an important continuation of the so-called flat design, a widely used trend over the past few years. Android-design was created as an interface for mobile devices, but now it completely conquered and desktops. This visual approach makes usability the main component of the whole idea. Material Design Lite (MDL) is the next generation of Material Design. It includes recommendations, sets of layouts and a general structure with tools that allow any designer to quickly and easily create an MDL website with a convenient selection of palettes.

Large Icons

The popularity of icons in the design of websites is explained by the fact that a person remembers 65% of visual information in three days and only 10-20% - written or oral. Therefore, it is easier for the human brain to process images than text. It should be noted that the icon should match the text to which it refers, so as not to confuse users. Bored images of people with hypertrophied and artificial facial expressions are outdated. Icons also need to be vectorized to be displayed correctly on any device. You can see examples of website design in our portfolio and get acquainted with our work.

The main requirements for the use of icons in web design:

  • The icon should match the content;
  • It should contain a clear message;
  • It should be vector;
  • The icon should be easy to read, be it small or large.
Simple Fonts and a Soft Color Palette

Toxic colors in web design have ceased to be popular about fifteen years ago. Now the designers moved on to the restrained pastel shades, soft, not screaming colors. Scheme 60-30-10 does not lose its relevance: in modern web design neutral colors prevail from white to pale gray, for 30 percent of space use a brighter tone, and only 10% are painted in a saturated color, thus creating a call to action.

Web development has now entered the era of simple beauty, where preferences are given to large and simple fonts with a few soft hues. How can such a tendency be explained? This approach makes sense, since it focuses users' attention exclusively on the most important blocks of information.

loyal clients

How to Rebuild the Process of Effective Communication with the Web Studio

Choosing a contractor for the development of the website, you evaluate its technical capabilities and select a team that will embed a new multifunctional tool into your business processes. Therefore, before contacting the web studio, carefully study the projects in its portfolio, read about what it writes on the website. In general, make sure of its competence in all available ways, after which it is already possible to contact those who have "been selected".

Identify the Objectives of the Project


This item is not just on the list under the number "1". The goals of the website - this is what the team will focus on when making decisions on the project. There are many of them, therefore, distribute the goals by groups, for example, by the types of interactions: B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B.

Here are examples of such goals for an online gift shop from the manufacturer:

  • B2B (business for business). Search through the website of dealers and new distribution points of goods in other regions.
  • B2C (business for the client). Help in the selection of a gift for certain requests (for example: a woman, an anniversary, a business), sell gifts online, attract new customers.
  • C2C (client for the client). To give customers the opportunity to tell their friends what they would like to receive as a gift from the store - a whistle in social networks.
  • C2B (client for business). Collect the database of customer email addresses, get feedback (reviews), analyze demand using catalog and metric filters.

Prepare a "summary" of your Business for the Meeting


Nobody knows better the strengths of your business and competitors than you, only you can provide information about the target audience and form a correct understanding of goods and services. Of course, the manager will also prepare for the meeting and find information about your company, explore the existing website, if there is one, but it will not be enough. Information about the company will help the web studio make you more interesting and relevant to the proposal. If you plan to develop a promotional website, then the meeting should formulate your advantages and the main message.

Prepare an Approximate Structure for your Future Website

Of course, you do not need to draw a project yourself anywhere in MindMap, but you need to have a clear idea of ​​what "backbone" of the partitions are needed on the website. The structure of the website should correlate with the structure of your business. Also, it is necessary to prepare a list of features and "chips" for design and functionality that you would like to get in the end - calculators, galleries, animations.

If you already have a website, prepare a list of moments for which it does not suit you

Most likely, it has a good functionality that you would like to keep. Still there are situations when the website needs optimization or redesign, rather than full processing.

Ask Questions

During the discussion, on a preliminary assessment, having received a commercial offer - at all stages it is important to know whether you have been understood correctly. So feel free to ask questions to the manager: "Describe how you understood our goal and objectives?", "What questions will you discuss in your team, in the first place?" And others.

In the future, you will have to communicate on various issues for at least three months (and if a really large-scale project is planned, then the development may last for six months or more), and therefore it is worth paying attention to a lot, including small things.

Working with our IT studio, you can be sure that we treat your project as our own and do our best to achieve success. So do not hesitate to share project ideas and expectations and get valuable support from our experts.